La Maison de Lüe, Landes

This is the Baleste family house; where I lived from age 3 to 12.

Village of Lüe (500 inhabitants)

Jacqueline Baleste in 1942

Jacqueline Baleste’s parents

Jacqueline Baleste receives award

For being a "Righteous One”, from the Israeli Ambassador.

Monique’s mother kisses Jacqueline

Rachel Ségal, the day she is being honored

Monique and Jacqueline

Who recieves the Legion of Honor in 2007.

Museum of the Holocaust, Paris

The names of Jacqueline and of her parents are on the wall of the Museum of the Holocaust, street Geoffroy Lasnier in Paris

Rue Jacqueline Baleste in Lüe

Village of Lüe gives Jacqueline’s name to a street near her family’s house; this is the first time a name is given to a street there.

Monique, age 4 in Lüe